Investment Strategies

Proven Investments in Small Business

Solomon Hess Capital Management has been active in the Small Business Administration and Community Development secondary markets for over 19 years. Our private funds have focused on investing in these assets on behalf of institutional and accredited individual investors. We have the ability to tailor a Separately Managed Account or Single Investor fund for institutional or accredited individual investors interested in these assets.

SBA Loan Fund

The SBA Loan Fund is CRA-eligible open-ended Community Development investment fund for banks. As of March 31, 2024, the Fund had over $844 million in gross assets and over 125 funded investors which include small community banks, super-regional banks, diversified financial institutions, and non-traditional lenders.

Absolute Return Investments

Solomon Hess established and raised over $30 million in equity for multiple investment funds for accredited individual investors. All of these funds utilized an absolute return strategy and leveraged the firm’s expertise in acquiring U.S. government securities. The funds invested in a variety of assets including: Agency Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities, SBA 7(a) program loans, USDA program loans and interest-only strips created from these same assets.