New Market Tax Credit Investments


The New Market Tax Credit Program is administered by the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, a Department of U.S. Treasury. It provides tax credit incentives to investors for investments in Certified Community Development Entities, which then invest in projects in distressed communities. In 2009, the SBA Loan Fund received a $50 million NMTC allocation. The deployment of this allocation was undertaken in partnership with a large diversified financial institution through 4 closed-end funds, which are currently closed to new investors. These investments allowed for the creation of 612 permanent jobs by the businesses financed. 

Loan Profiles

The loans profiled on this website are current or former holdings of the SBA Loan Fund. The loans highlighted may not be the highest performing loans in the Fund, but a sampling of small business loans with an impact story. The loans mentioned do not necessarily represent all of the loans held in the Fund and investor should not assume that the loans identified and profiled were or will be profitable. A complete list of holdings for the Fund can be provided by contacting Solomon Hess Capital Management.

The Solomon Hess SBA Loan Fund LLC attempts to provide its investors with CRA credit related to their participation in the Fund. Investment decisions are not always exclusively based on the economic characteristics or investment merit of a specific asset. Certain CRA eligible securities sought by the Fund in specific geographies may not provide as great an economic benefit to the Fund as the same securities located in non-CRA geographies. The Fund may engage in transactions at times for reasons related to CRA considerations that may not be desirable from an investment standpoint. If one or multiple federal banking regulators, such as the OCC, FDIC or the Federal Reserve Board, were to deem an investment in the Fund as not qualifying for CRA credit, the impact to Fund investors could be material.